• Legal Music Broadcast

  • How can I broadcast music legally?

    In order to be able to broadcast music legally in public, a copyright agreement should be made with the Performance Rights Organizations. You can apply to MESAM, MSG, MU-YAP, and MUYORBIR Performance Rights Organizations about the music broadcast licenses. We offer free legal advice to all our customers.

  • What happens if I broadcast music without paying the license fee?

    In order to be able to broadcast music, the license fee that has been specified by the Performance Rights Organizations. It is counted as piracy if the license fee has not been paid and individuals or organizations are fined along with prison sentence from 1 to 5 years and international travel ban. In recent years, inspections of music broadcasts violations in public are increasing rapidly.

  • Do you provide the reports that we need to send to the Performance Rights Organizations?

    We do provide the periodic reports that has to be sent to the Performance Rights Organizations.

  • Can you offer different solutions about music broadcast license?

    We can offer non-popular contents from various music catalogues that we obtain from overseas that called direct licensing method. The necessary copyright and content fee are paid by SMG. When you use these music catalogues; you can gain favor by the operation of the license, the content and the management of the broadcast from only one place with economic solutions.

  • How am I going to be sure about the legality of the music that you provide?

    We send a notice for every location of your brand to overseas. We provide a certificate specific to the location. The contract we make with the company and this certificate is enough to prove that our broadcast is legal.